Ken Frederick


Workers’ Compensation Website

An informational website for the Georgia Worker’s Compensation system, built on WordPress with a custom theme. My client had an old, non-responsive HTML web site that they wanted to update. The goal was for the updated site to have a pleasing, responsive design, be searchable, and be easy to update and add articles to. I built an initial version using the Vue library Nuxt.js, a framework for Vue.js that allows for server-side rendering and rapid development, with a Node/Express/MongoDB backend – source code here. However, I felt that the SEO capabilities of the site were not quite where I wanted them to be, and entering text for the articles using the Quill library, while adequate, did not match the experience of working with WordPress and Gutenberg. Eventually I switched the site from Vue/Nuxt to WordPress. Since the Nuxt version of the site used a Bootstrap 4 template, I was able to create a custom WordPress theme using Underscores and Bootstrap 4, and keep the look and feel of the site mostly identical to the Nuxt version. The updated site has improved SEO and an improved article search UI thanks to the Ivory Search plugin.