Comics Experience Website

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I began working on the web site for the folks at Comics Experience in June of 2013. When I took over the site, it consisted of static HTML pages and a WordPress blog. The HTML pages needed frequent updating, and the lack of integration between the HTML site and the blog made the updates extra time consuming. For example, new menu items and sidebar items needed to be added to each individual HTML page, and then separately to the WordPress theme. In addition, while the site displayed well on desktop PCs, it was not responsive and was difficult to read on smaller mobile devices.

I knew the best solution for making updates easier would be for the site to be entirely WordPress-based, and creating a dedicated WordPress theme would give me the opportunity to create a new responsive design. In early 2014 I started on a rebuilt version of the site. Because site performance was a major concern, I rebuilt the HTML and CSS, trying to keep the code as lean and light as possible. The client liked the original web site design, so I kept the design intact, while updating and adjusting it to be responsive, using Lemonade as a simple grid framework. I then programmed the design into a custom WordPress theme.

Now that the site was entirely WordPress based, I could do new things like integrate the most recent blog post into the home page slider. I was also able to program courses to automatically mark themselves as closed if they passed their registration deadline. And previously time consuming tasks, like posting new podcast episodes or updating course registration dates, because much simpler. I am happy to say the new site has been a hit!